Geodesy Online

Professional solution for coordinate transformations and coordinate system parameters calibration. Supports geocentric, spherical, planar coordinate systems, various types of projections, geoid models. Performs horizontal and vertical correction, recalculation of normal heights into geodetic and vice versa. Converts your real time location to any supported coordinate system

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Basic Premium
Converting points from one coordinate system to another
Conversion of normal heights to geodetic and vice versa
Support for geocentric, spherical, planar coordinate systems
Support for Lambert, Mercator projections
Support EGM 96, EGM 2008 geoid models
Popular coordinate systems database
Creating custom coordinate systems
Copying existing coordinate systems
Manual input of system parameters
Manual input of coordinates
Support for various units of measure
Display points on OpenStreetMap
Scatter plot for displaying points of local coordinate systems
Horizontal and vertical correction
Communication parameters adjustment -
Interactive point creation by clicking on the map -
Import / Export of projects -
Import / Export of points -
Importing coordinate systems from Mapinfo (tmerc, lcc) -
Creating a point using your current location -
Elevation data -

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